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How to Remove Computer Virus in Nine Easy Steps!

A computer virus cannot be seen with naked eyes but can still reside on your PC. Your computer can be infected with a virus in two main ways: first, if you carelessly download attachments from the internet, you might end up downloading a virus code that will paralyse your computer. Then secondly, if you insert a flash disk that was inserted in an infected PC, your computer will also get that virus.

The good news is that not all computer viruses are catastrophic. Some can be removed from the PC using anti-viruses. There are many types of anti-viruses that exist and you have to be careful when selecting one.

Here is a brief discussion on how a virus removal service expert help to get rid of any computer virus from your PC.

Tips on getting rid of PC virus

  • ·    Download/install antivirus

Since a computer virus can only be removed by an anti-virus, you have to download the antivirus or obtain it from a trusted source then install it on your machine. Make sure that the installation process is completed successfully before moving on to the next step.

  • ·    Disconnect from the internet

This is important as it helps to avoid further damage to the computer. The Internet is a great source for spreading computer viruses.

  • ·    Restart your PC into safe mode

Next, you have to restart your machine into safe mode. To do this, you need to restart your PC and when the machine comes to life again, press F8 to take you to the advanced boot options. You can now select “safe mode” from the next window.

  • ·    Delete temporary files

Some computer viruses are intuited immediately when the computer reboots. Thus, deleting those unnecessary temporary files can get rid of them. However, you cannot solely rely on this stage alone. You have to complete all the steps to be safe.

  • ·    Run a virus scan

At this juncture, you now have to scan your computer for viruses. You can accomplish this by using either an internet security program or an anti-virus.

  • ·    Quarantine the virus

Once a virus is detected after a search, you can either quarantine or delete the virus to get rid of it. After deleting, run the scanner again to check if your PC is now safe.

  • ·    Reboot your PC

After you contain the virus, you can now reboot your PC and allow it to reboot normally rather than selecting “safe mode”.

  • ·    Change your passwords

If you think that your passwords might have been compromised by the virus, then it is high time that you change them.

  • ·    Update your software

You need to update all your software including the OS to ensure that the intruders do not use the old code to exploit your computer. Browsers are also on the list of priorities that need an update because they link you to the internet where a lot of malware resides.

Which is the best anti-virus software?

No one knows for sure the best kind of anti-virus software. However, if you want to get the most out of it, you should consider buying a premium version of anti-virus software rather than using a free version. A free version may fail to protect your computer and only end up worsening the situation. There are a lot of them that are trusted and it will be upon you to select the one that will meet your expectations.


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